"Spring"ing Into a New Season!

Welcome to Spring in Georgia!

Where the weather is as unpredictable as a teenager's mood, pollen counts are in the quadruple digits, everything has that lovely green tint, we all get the urge to clean and organize everything in our lives (ok, that could just be me), AND.....

Food Trucks are BACK!!!!

While we don't actually close down during the colder months, our schedule definitely kicks into a much higher gear once April swings back around. Festivals, concerts, neighborhood Food Truck nights, corporate lunches, movie sets, and food themed events are all scrambling to book their favorite truck before the season takes off and everyone's schedule is full!

We're sooooo ready to get back on the road and work our butts off in the upcoming Georgia heat! There will be NEW menu items, new locations, and new faces aboard the truck with us this year. We have NEW farms, a NEW local bread distributor, and NEW catering menus available for any occasion! We update our schedule almost daily, so please be sure to check in often and see where you can meet up with Low-Co Motion and get your local food fix!

Stalk us on social media and let us know if there's something you want to see on our menu as a Special, or if there's an event you think we should look into. Let us know how the food is, and what you think of our awesome Blog! ;-)

Stay hungry, Atlanta! We're looking forward to feeding you!


Low-Co Motion

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