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Finding Our First Farm

When we decided to launch Low-Co Motion, finding quality meats and produce here in Georgia was one of our first priorities. Having driven a good bit across North Georgia, I had passed Jaemor Farms in Alto, GA a number of times over the years. I knew they were a top supplier of apples, jams, killer fruit pies, and an awesome Fall Pumpkin Patch, but I didn't really know the extent of the items they had to offer until it came time to go shopping for our first menu tasting parties. If you've been to any of the Jaemor locations, you know I was in for a very pleasant surprise!

Just visiting the Farm is definitely a treat. The property is gorgeous, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the year-round selection of fresh produce and homemade goods is out of this world! Even the drive up 985 isn't bad, and is often a welcome break from the traffic and hustle that seems constant closer to the city. While it would end up being only one of many farms we contacted and visited in the early months, we were incredibly thankful to have a place that supplied a large portion of what we needed to get our little "farm-to-table" truck up and running!

Much like the other local food providers we've gotten to work with, Jaemor offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, spreads, and bakery items that are strictly Georgia grown and produced for much of the year. When our area farms can no longer produce some of those items, they source out to the next closest location, and help us to keep our local menu as close to home as possible. Through them, we discovered the names and locations of other farms nearby that offer everything from produce, to dairy products, to grass-fed beef. We've been incredibly impressed with their quality and love seeing the selection of food and ambiance of the farm change throughout the seasons!

If you find yourself driving up through Gainesville, Helen, Habersham, or any of the other towns in the Northeastern part of the state, take some time to stop in at Jaemor Farm and see why we love them so much! (I highly recommend the Peach Ice Cream and Lemon Fruit Pie!) Check out all of the incredible food your local farms have to offer, and consider picking up some fresh produce for dinner, or a jug of local apple cider to sip on.....we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

With Love,

Low-Co Motion

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